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A Day Like Today

Woke up. Downstairs to see Alissa and Judah working on alphabet. Bark and growl at Rigdon to get him riled up. Judah and I wrestle. Then watch “Baby Einstein” together.

Go to BMV to get Louisiana license. Weird? Wait 2.5 hours for 2 minutes of work. Sign, pay, snap pic. Rolling!

Windows down as perfect 78 degree wind passes through.

To Izzo’s Illegal Burrito to get veggie fresh salads with cilantro ranch. Smiling, laughing whole time. Full stomachs, alive hearts.

Put Judah down for nap. Wrestle, tickle, cuddle Alissa. Fall asleep for 2 hours. Dream of work. (The heck! Leave me alone on my day off!!!) Wake up more tired than before. Shake it off with a game of Sudoku in bed.

Down stairs to see Alissa playing with Judah. Smile taking it in. Thankful. Blessed.

Lay on floor. Get tackled simultaneously by J-Mac and Rigs. Hit one, hug the other.

Challenged by Alissa to do one of Tim Tebow’s workouts she put together for me. Gulp. “Let’s do it!”

Shirt off, shoes on. Backyard.

Run sprints. Down. Back. Down. Back. Straight to push-ups. Walking lunges. Down. Back. Push-ups. Out of breath. Mouth chalky from protein shake. I blame the protein shake. Alissa shows little compassion. Back to it.

Crab-walk backwards down. Sprint back. Defensive slides. Down, back. Crunches, scissors. Hammies tight. Crying on the inside.

Alissa backs SUV out leaving it in neutral. Judah and Rigs inside with her cheering me on! Push it a half mile around our complex.

Asked if we were broke down by an old lady. Answered NO but should’ve answered YES. Needed help - - even if from a senior citizen.

Push truck home. Fall over. Get tackled by Rigs. Get football dropped on my face by Judah. Thanks family. Feeling supported.

About to puke.

Wash face. Grab deodorant. Off to sunset picnic Alissa has planned for family at “special spot” she found. Sunset perfect as we drive. Everything is… RIGHT.

Pull into undeveloped development. Hidden. No one. Local’s-feel. Right on edge of Lake Pontchartrain. Lay down blanket. Pull out salad, sweet tea, and peanut butter banana cookies. Watch the sun drop in slow motion over the I-10 bridge. Rigdon runs wild as his auburn coat shines brilliantly in the fading sun.

Blare country music from truck. Play football catch with Alissa. Many touchdowns scored!

We pause to watch 20 sailboats launch from the docks. Smile. Dream. Talk. Enjoy.

Drive. Windows locked in standard southern-autumn position. Turn off main roads. Keep talking. Keep driving.

Hons to bed. A few phone calls to people back “home.” Laugh. Catch up. Can’t wait to see them soon.

Hop in bed with Aliss. Read chapter of Tim Tebow’s “Through My Eyes.” Inspired.

Protein shake, turkey sandwich, and popcorn with Alissa. Listen to great music. Look at day’s pics.

Write. Post. Bed.


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